Jessie’s Girl Syndrome


I have been putting off and putting off writing this page of thoughts for what seems like forever now. Each day I think “Today, I am going to write about that!”, only to have the day pass and my head on a pillow as I drift off to sleep with one word floating in my head…”tomorrow.”

Today, I finally sit down and face the blank page.

Today, I want to write about gratitude. I want to write about self-responsibility. I want to write about what I am seeing in a lot of long term relationships…even my own. Glimpses of erosion…that before you know it…lead to a complete implosion of what used to be a relationship.

I call it Jessie’s Girl Syndrome.

Now that I have Rick Springfield in your head…

There are so many times in our lives that we grow accustom to things that are always present. We grow unimpressed. We stop seeing and go on autopilot. Like the times you drive off from your house and hit the brakes halfway down the road…you stop and sincerely question whether you locked the front door or not…you can’t recall doing one thing about it…facing the door…key in your hand…lifting your arm…putting the key in the lock…turning the key…taking the key out. Nope. It is blank slate in your head. You do a three point turn(two point if you’re a badass) and pull back up into the driveway…walk to the door…turn the knob, only to find it locked.

Compare that to that person you have woken up to hundreds of times…maybe thousands. You see their same messy hair. You hear that same voice. You brush your teeth in tandem. You do the same routine every morning. You feel nothing. You’re on autopilot. And if your not on autopilot, you at least have momentary black outs of complete numbness.

Every relationship experiences this to some degree. If you are reading this and you don’t? Kudos to you. You are as rare as a Blood Moon or a free cup of coffee at Starbucks.

You stop seeing your partner. It is a slippery slope too when you stop seeing your partner and start seeing everyone else but them. When you can still feel the same for someone from your past as you did before you got into your relationship. When you can fixate on a person or stranger and apply and project many worshipful attributes to them simply because they are not yours to deal with on an every day basis. Yes, this is a dangerous place to be…because once you choose a lack of gratitude for what you have in return for gratitude for another who you don’t have, your gratitude for your partner disappears for the long haul. Why? Because it is impossible and also unfair to place a person you spend life with next to a person you see once in a while and expect the same level of excitement or awe. Now, notice I am saying it is a slippery slope when you feel no gratitude for who you are with. If you are a person who keeps your gratitude tank full and feels and shows that to your partner on a continual basis and also feels it for others…that is normal human nature. But if you can’t feel both…and you actually find yourself feeling something for another that you should be feeling for your partner…Houston, we have a problem.

Now, I have been in every angle of this scenario in my lifetime. I have, in younger years, found myself looking on the outside to feel attraction and spark while withholding from the person I was with. My eventual dissatisfaction and lack of gratitude killing off every speck of romance, attraction or interest in my partner. Soul evolution over time helped me to see how I was only hurting myself in that scenario, and so I balanced that.

Then I have been the woman who was all too willing and wanting to be the Jessie’s Girl. One particular instance comes to mind where I had an acquaintance I was attracted to. I was single, he had just started dating someone. I was at a point in my life where I was living and thinking less than what I knew was right…in the sense that I used to try to entice a conversation out of him…a flirtation…I threw it all at him, not because I wanted to be with him. No, I would have never have even remotely tried that. I didn’t want a relationship with him. I just wanted a fix for the hunger/need I felt inside but was not allowing my own self to meet by looking within. I disrespected myself, his girl and him by my actions. It wasn’t until I got into my own relationship and had the same thing done to me by women from my partner’s past…that I finally sat down and asked myself, “Why is this showing up in my life and where have I, myself, been guilty of doing the same?” I finally got my answer in the remembering of my behavior in this instance. Soul evolution once again allowed me to see the error of my ways, the self-responsibility of acknowledging that when done to me, I don’t really appreciate it…and so, I chose to stop thinking and doing these things.

I have also been the woman in the equation that is with the man that always wants “Jessie’s Girl” instead of me, the one he has.

In experiencing all of this, I realize how on a scale from 1-10, every relationship experiences this at some point. That moment when you stop trying in your own relationship and give into the superficial hits that come with people that aren’t your every day partner. The easy way.

I guess what I am trying to say here from my own experiences is that we all have a choice. Our relationships are the direct result of what we are putting into them. Is it easy to conjure up excitement for a person you see every day when there are so many out there that you don’t and you can feel that “new car smell” feeling with? No. It isn’t easy. But I will say this, if you start choosing every day to recognize another in your energy while not recognizing the one you are with? It will get harder and harder and harder to ever get back to a passionate and appreciative feeling/attitude for your partner.

I don’t think we realize as humans that we can choose a new way of seeing things in every single moment. That it is a choice. We don’t have to feel numb… or dull… or unmotivated… or uninspired. It is only when we are completely in a present moment, that we have that choice. If any part of us is not “being”…is not connected…is in the past, pining away…or is not in present moment, then that choice to see with brand new eyes isn’t even felt or seen. It’s called being on autopilot…and in your relationship, how many times you can honestly say this happens a day?

I see it in most of the relationships around me. I feel it at times in my own. I am being 100% transparent here when I write this in the hopes we might all ask ourselves the hard questions it takes to get out of autopilot thinking and into present moment.

I know it is so much easier to let it all die away and get it from something new. I know this. It takes hard work to cultivate the art of in the moment gratitude for something that is in all your moments. It takes commitment and vigilance and I know that sounds like no fun at all.

However, I know from experience, the fun comes in being in a full moment, devoid of all compulsion or need to have anything other than what you have. There is such peace in that and also a sense of oneness with all you have…which in turn, makes feeling gratitude as natural a as taking a breath.

Next time you feel you wish you had “Jessie’s girl/guy”…or you find yourself being Jessie’ girl(the object of someone else’s fixation)…or you find yourself the one being taken for granted…take a deep breath and find that place inside where gratitude is as natural as the breath you are breathing…where there is no need or compulsion…where there is only thankfulness for what you have and where you are and who is there with you.

Now…go listen to some Rick Springfield.

Toilet paper rolls…real love…and turkey meatballs!

I am about to turn 40 in a few months. With this impending turn of the clock I have started compiling little post it notes of things that I have noticed have changed in me in the last year or so…why? I have no idea. It fascinates me…these subtle changes that I can’t really explain why or how or even if they matter in the scheme of a 39 and 3/4 life span.

For instance- I noticed that in the past year my first response to place a new toilet paper roll on top of the cardboard cylinder(yes, I know…lazy) is gone. Wiped out of my DNA. I now instinctively take the 1.5 seconds it takes to discard the cardboard and place the new toilet paper roll where it belongs…the holder.  How did this happen? Why did this happen? It is a mystery.

Besides the subtle changes, like the toilet paper mystery…and the more obvious body changes, like the new found belly layer I never had before…I have mainly noticed the clear ways in which I witness life and love. I also am keenly aware of how that affects me and the delusions I am willing to let go of for the scary yet, grounding reality called truth.

It grates on my nerves at times when I see people claiming they are 30-40 and single only because they are not willing to “settle”. Yet, I know these people and they are the 45 year old guy constantly going to bars and hitting on the 22 year old girl. They are the 35 year old woman that is meeting men through internet dating websites and social networking outlets and love the first month of flirtatious banter and exciting sex only to be disappointed when their monkey dressed in silk ends up being just that…a monkey (this is an old saying I once heard from a friend from spain…the monkey thing stuck with me).

No, my dear fellow Homo sapiens, you are single because you don’t and won’t evolve to what you need to in order to attract and work through a long lasting relationship. Period. There are millions of people on this planet…there is someone out there for you. But you have your lists of things that you won’t bend on…and physical superficialities and ideals that only exist in fairy tales. Harsh? Sure.  But there is one thing I know with complete certainty. In order to maintain a long lasting relationship, you either have to live in complete ignorance or complete forgiveness. Trying to skate between the two is what wears and tears the soul beyond recognition.

Relationships are hard. They are the hardest thing we can do in life. Truly. To fully see a person, SEE a person and to allow and accept and detach from the imperfections, the imbalances, the obvious flaws that cause stress, strife and hurt. To swallow the fact that this person is a mirror…of the things you are here to work on. Who wants to do that? I mean, jeez, aren’t fake profiles and casual sex so much more fun? Come on…

So, back to that ignorance or forgiveness thing… you either live your life with your head in the sand…living a separate existence from your partner…and pretending you don’t see the things that absolutely drive you bat shit crazy…which is also called passive aggressive aka indifferent. Or you live in a constant state of forgiveness aka acceptance. Here is where it gets hard: acceptance doesn’t mean you are being abused or are a doormat. Acceptance means your partner’s funk has nothing to do with you. Nothing. It is their cross to bear and their wounds to heal. Not yours. You can attach to the flaws…focus on them day and night…be looking for them in every day moments…spend your energy trying to change them…or you can be forthright…say what you see and then let that person work on it in their own time. This takes floating along in the flow of forgiveness daily. Again, isn’t Facebook and hooking up so much more fun?

So you see, this is why most are single. Not because that “perfect” someone hasn’t come a long…but rather the fact that there have been many “someones” perfectly flawed. The key is whether or not they have a heart for growth. If they do, it is worth it to “settle” with a person you connect with that is trying to be better each day…than a fantasy that will most certainly show its true colors after the excitement wears off. Worth it every time.

This is one of those almost 40 aha moments of the past year. Relationships suck. Relationships are glorious. Relationships are work. Relationships are magic. You must, must let go of the fairy tale thinking…the “it is going to make my toes curl 24/7”, the addiction to the chase and constant excitement that makes you feel hot and worthy and “loved”. You must, must let in the willingness to accept that the excitement is in the results. The chase is in the stalking your own shadow and intentions until you arrive to unconditional love. The hot and worthy and loved comes from looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing a woman or a man that has risen above the attachment to delusions and now soars in the current of everything is love. Everything is God. Everything is….just that…everything. The flaws, the hurts, the betrayals that will come in one form or another…everything is love. No boogie man to be scared of in the form of what will I do if he or she does this or that. No expectations that need to be attended to at all times by your significant other in order to make you feel special. The realness is what becomes special. The raw and real space that you walk and breathe in as a couple.

I will be sharing my post it notes throughout the year. If for anything, to be able to look back at this time of learning and growing and expanding and letting go, only to let BE.

On a side note, I have found that my love for cooking has grown immensely in the last couple of years. Tonight, I am making Asian turkey meatballs with lime dipping sauce and homemade fried rice. If you would like the recipe, message me!


With love and respect,



My oh my…has it been a long time since I have sat at this laptop to write a post.

The reasons are endless and I will not take the time to bore you or myself with what at the end of the day makes up excuses holding hands with legitimate reasoning.

I simply have felt for the first time in a long time that I am ready to share on the blank page again. My prompting coming from an experience that led to quite the epiphany, as most of my life experiences do.

You must forgive me if I am starting this blog off with somewhat of a quaint and proper tone. I have been watching Ripper Street and Copper on my Roku and somehow it has infiltrated my inner narrative. This too shall pass…I promise.

Back to the experience…

There is a fine line between a giving and loving heart and a co-dependent one. Those lines are blurred even more with innate sensitivity…the gift of empathy…religious upbringings where the teachings say to turn the other cheek…yet, they never explain it is ok to turn the other cheek while walking away for the better of your good. And so, there are many times we get caught up in situations that are not for our highest good. We end up in relationships where there is one person giving and supporting while the other person is taking and choosing their whims over and over again.

Sometimes, I, myself, have been confused on when enough is enough. When it is time to throw in a towel…throw out the baby AND the bathwater. The other day I witnessed in great clarity how to gage that inner truth within oneself.

Helping my boyfriend out at his store…we had propped open the door to let the fresh air in when all the sudden something moving fast through the air catches my eye. A bird had flown into the store. Of course, I automatically go into an omen panic and start thinking of all the things possible that it could mean. My mind starts scanning the files of all the cultures I have visited, all the indigenous people I have studied, all the ancient cultures. Then that voice…that inner voice I know so very well spoke and I listened. This wasn’t about omens. This was about lessons. And if I really sat back and let the lesson be seen, I would receive it.

I did just that. As I attempted over and over again to get this bird to either A. go back out the door or B. capture it in my hands and get it out the door myself, it flew everywhere. Back and forth. Behind coolers. Underneath coolers. On the floor. Hit the ceiling. All over. I became more and more upset…mostly for the safety of the bird. We were about to leave and I knew I would never be able to be at peace knowing it was not ok. I opened the back door. The middle door. The sliding window. Every possible exit the bird could find. To no avail. It would fly straight past all of them!

Finally, I decided to give it a rest for a bit. The bird was visibly frightened. Breathing heavily and in no place to even be able to see the “exit” options presented to it. Its fear was too prevalent. It was cornered and that is all it could see.

After a good 10-15 minutes I decided to go back to look behind the cooler to see what the little guy was up to. There it sat…so I took the end of a broom and gently started to approach the bird with it. It flew up to the top of the cooler…for the first time. Still and high enough to take in the sunlight coming from the open back door. Still and high enough to hear the sounds of the outside beckoning it. I could read its little bird brain as I saw it cock its head to one side as if to take it all in and just like that…it flew out the back door.

That is where the epiphany comes in. So many times we wish for people to make themselves better. Addicts to be made whole. Loved ones to stop choosing and acting in ways that hurt themselves and the people they love around them. So many times we are that person…trying to show the way. Trying to capture in our hands so we can, ourselves escort them to “the light”. We chase down and corner all in the name of love and rescue…only to frighten and corner those who are finding themselves lost.

I realized that day we can open the doors. We can let the light in. We can point out the way. But they have to get high enough. Just like that bird. High enough to see it from the vantage point where they are the ones seeing the escape. Not trying desperately to point it out as they are so consumed by the fear. For them to get to the place where they, themselves recognize the way out…this is the only way to freedom.

Just a little lesson I received. Man that felt good to write a little something. Now…I must be off for tea and crumpets. Ok…I will stop now.


Make a memory.


We are walking, breathing 35mm cameras.


We make memories…everyday…


We capture time.


We are not digital cameras…no…we can’t make a memory and then with the push of button, delete it as if it never happened.


We try…but that is not how the human heart…mind…soul is made.


No matter how busy our world becomes…how technological and disassociated we become…from pulse…from passion…from heart…


We can still choose our moment in time to capture…we can focus on a smile that takes our breath away…a look in the midst of a passionate moment…the skin…the coloring of another’s hand…the wear beginning to show from work…or playing an instrument …or laboring in the sun…we can capture what that hand looks like as it rests on the curve of a hip…the small of a back…


We can capture the broad shoulders…slim frame…the back of a person as it becomes smaller and smaller the farther they walk away…frame by frame…moment by moment…


We can choose to capture anger and judgment in another’s eyes during a heated moment…or the painful look of indifference as they look right through you…or the moment you look upon the one you care for…knowing that it will be the last time…


Sometimes I go in the darkrooms of my mind…and see those memories hanging on a line…images…that move me…stir me…set the spark of passion ablaze again…for the one captured in time…held in the darkrooms of my mind…


Yes…I know all that rhymes:)


When I am ready to let go…I take down the images that cause me hurt…that bring up a memory that doesn’t serve me…or the connection…I just take it off the line…and imagine a tray of liquid…that I lay it down in…and slowly…the image dissolves until it is a blank print…a clean slate…and go back and look at the images that make me smile…this is how I want to make memories in my life.


You may have gotten caught up in the world we live in today…you may be like one of those traffic cameras that just takes an image every second…capturing everything…forgetting the value in making a memory that is special…one of a kind…


But we can all go back to the 35mm in our minds…start making memories that have passionate intent…that are chosen…that remind us what it is we truly want….what it is that truly moves us…what it is that is so sacred…it makes us stop…focus…click…capture…


Make a memory.


My parent’s love story…what is TRUE love to you?


This year… has been a tough year.

In light of the circumstances…I would say the good that has come out of it is more love…more love between my parents and I …more love between them. I didn’t really think we needed more love…but I am grateful.

This morning my parents got on the subject of how they met….something I can’t believe I haven’t heard up until now.

The fact my parents have been married since 1965 is a complete miracle. One that if left this earth now…I could say that I truly experienced and saw three miracles in my lifetime-

The first- The power of unconditional love to change ANYTHING.

The 2nd- The honor of seeing a person change…heal.

The 3rd- The miracle of seeing first hand that all human beings have dark and light in them…if you concentrate on the light…the light will grow…but you must love it all…the good and the bad…that is where TRUE miracles occur with people. This has helped me see in people when I meet them…all aspects…this has helped me see that every person has at least a speck of good them. Focus on the speck? The speck becomes all you see.

It was 1963. My parents were on a double blind date. Just not with each other.

My dad: She was sweet. Very pretty and had a great body.

My mom: I loved his sarcasm. He had the most beautiful blue eyes. Oh, he was a bad boy compared to me. But even then I saw the sweetness and good in him.

They went to Steak n’ Shake in WinterPark, Florida, after the movie. My mom kept telling him he had the nicest brown eyes(my dad has the bluest eyes ever:). He thought her teasing was cute.

My dad got her number.

Their first date was to a movie to see The Pink Panther…my dad fell asleep during the movie.

Their second date…they went for ice cream…my mom was so nervous….while talking she was using her hands…as most hotblooded people do…and she dumped the ice cream in my dad’s lap.

My dad drove a 1963 black Ford Fastback with a white top and red seats. He smoked like a chimney. He wore a black leather jacket and had an Elvis like snarl on his face most of the time. He went to pool halls and was considered one of the cool people.

My mom was a complete intelligent…wrote poetry…sang in the glee club…didn’t even know that people drank…

Somehow these two got married.

My dad: First year we were married …your mom and I worked on the same street…I was walking down the sidewalk with one of my buddies and saw this woman walking on the opposite side…skirt like 2 feet above her knees…great legs…I said to Gary, “Who the hell is that?” …Gary said, “That’s your wife, dumb ass!”.

My father started as an errand boy for a title insurance company. He learned the business…worked his way up…and had the guts to open up his own. He was a self-taught…self-made man. He went on to own the most successful title insurance company in central Florida at that time…

Then his father died…and my sister and I were born…and with the stress of life…my dad started drinking heavily.

I won’t go into all that here…except to say my parents…and my sister and I for that matter..went through about ten years of complete hell.

My mother never gave up. She kicked…screamed…begged…she did it all…but she did not give up on my father. She saw the good…even when he was being his worst…she would not give up on the good.

Hearing them talk today…I had mixed emotions…pride…happiness…sadness…

I left them this morning thinking… my parents taught me well. Yes, they did.

There has been a part of me that I have kind of started beating up over the years. The part of me that came from witnessing my father stop drinking cold turkey when I was 12. Seeing them take the slow…long process of healing with each other…forgiving each other…trusting each other again. The part of me that doesn’t return blow for blow…pain for pain…betrayal for betrayal. The part of me that instinctively offers the other cheek.

Now I get angry…and I speak my mind…I can be a scrappy little fighter, for sure…but I won’t ever withhold mercy, love, forgiveness or my time…EVER. Not in my nature.

I wonder what my life would be today if I would have witnessed my parents give up? Judge each other to the point of breaking it?

Instead…I see people through kind of a  “whole” vision..if this makes sense. I see the good and the bad. I usually always choose the good. And when someone acts out at me the worst? It is as if I don’t believe them. Like a kid dressing up in some scary monster costume… trying to scare you…it’s just not real. Most people don’t know what to do with that. Most people act out so you will reject them..judge them…perpetuate their on going story they have going on…they want you to react to their scary costume.

I have always refused. And when someone offers me poison…I offer another chance.

This confused me at times…in a dog eat dog world…it hasn’t always been the popular choice…or the choice that left me unscathed…or the choice that didn’t cause people to look at me like I have three heads…it has hurt me more times than not. But I will stand by those choices…that they were the best I could make. They made me stronger…and gave me the choice and do give me the choice to choose love…or it’s opposite…indifference. Not hate. You have to love someone to be able to hate them.

This is what my parent’s love has taught me.

I don’t know why I am sharing this today…except that I feel we need a little more of that kind of love in the world.

Gandhi once said something like this…I am totally paraphrasing here…but when he spoke of peace…he once said that armed peace is not peace.

Armed love is not love. Waiting for someone to make the mistake of hurting you …then blasting them…this is not love.

Judging yourself… or someone else is not true love. It is love…as I believe all things are love…but it is love from fear…not from truth.

If we could just be unafraid of our shadows…be willing to accept them as beautiful parts of our own makeup…because without it…how would we know what light is? If we could get to the place…we could begin to love like that…other people like that…and medication…and alcohol abuse…and drug abuse…and sex addictions…all these things would become obsolete in our world.

Unconditional love has the power to extract the very best from a person and situation.

Is there someone in your life…you can start to see the light in? Doesn’t mean you have to be ok with what they do…or be doormat…or have them in your life…just upon thought of them…can you focus on the speck of light?

Even more importantly…how about with yourself…that is where I am starting today.




Are you the rock…or are you the water?

I did something this morning I haven’t done in a long…long time.

I asked… sat still…and I asked…

I asked, ‘What am I to know of love?’.

This time…I actually sat still until I felt…heard…got an answer.

I still believe in this. I believe if you ask a question…with an open heart…you will receive its answer. If you sit still enough. If you turn off the laptop and the cell phone…turn off the TV…desire the answer enough that you are willing to focus your moments until you receive it.

We have so many distractions these days.

I look at my own life…first…and see…then I look out to the world…and see the same.

I do believe in a collective consciousness…I do believe a society essentially grows together…and it takes inner integrity…being in touch with something deep inside you…to stand firm in that current of consciousness…like a rock in the middle of a stream… that has the power…to cause water to flow in a new path and direction.

Are you the rock or the water?

Technically…I got a question back to my question…but it holds the answer.

I realized today…and it has not been an instant realization…I have been digging in for sometime to uncover this answer…

Out of fear of love…the last few years…I have been choosing to be the water.

What is missing from society today?

A reverence for love.

A reverence for its magic and its mysteries. No one wants to hurt. We got smart enough to realize…you stay surface…the cut doesn’t go as deep. But we as a world are suffering the consequences of giving up our bravery and natural instinct for love…in exchange for control.

We have all become control freaks. Men and women. If we withhold our heart…if we play the game…if we keep multiple ‘faux love lines’ open…if we feign intimacy…when the hammer comes down to crush the heart…it will only find a hologram.

Holography-is a technique that allows the light scattered from an object to be recorded and later reconstructed so that it appears as if the object is in the same position relative to the recording medium as it was when recorded.

This is where we are in the year 2011. Where the human heart once stood when it comes to love…now only holds the hologram of what once was.

My only question to you, the one who is reading these very words right now…is how is the health of your heart? Have pride…fear…game…addiction to game…control…have these things taken over what you once felt clearly? When you were a child…did these things matter at all? Can you recall the openness and vulnerability you used to feel even 10-15 years ago?

Are you the rock or the water today?


Will you remember its call. Remember its divinity. On this day of celebration of such a word…will you…along with me…show it some reverence? Just by saying “thank you” to your heart. Thank you for feeling…for longing…for nostalgia…for hope…for romance…for the ability to give and receive…and today….I choose to stand in the place where I have allowed the hologram of my heart to take over…I place my heart…the real thing…open for all to see…in place of that hologram….

Today…I become the rock in my own life.

I love you all…Happy Saint Valentine’s Day.

I am not your girl.


A man with the swagger of Sinatra, the looks of Elvis, the poetic license of Morrison and the heart of Jesus.

Read the following…if you don’t qualify, this is not key words for try harder.

I like food. I like to eat. I will never be Twiggy…so, if you like girls that look like crack heads… I am not your girl.

I am done pretending. I will show my face from the first moment. If you still like to play dress up with your masks and disguises…I am not your girl.

I am wickedly sharp, if you need dull…I am not your girl.

I could set up a stand on the road and make a living off of reading people…so, if you don’t want someone seeing through you…I am not your girl.

I am fearless. If you need me to be weak or something to save…I am not your girl.

I am done with drama. I want to play, not fight anymore. If you are part karate kid…I am not your girl.

I have learned the rules…if you want to play the game for me and not with me…I am not your girl.

My glass is always half full…if you find yours half empty…I am not your girl.

I would prefer a lingering kiss over a gift in a little blue box…if you need to buy things to show your love…I am not your girl.

I need a little loving every day…if you don’t…I am not your girl.

I will be your three musketeers in one…will always have your back…if you lack loyalty and valor…I am not your girl.

Creativity turns me on…really…so, if you are a suit and tie with an all logical mind…I am not your girl.

If I can fit one of your beliefs in a neat little box…I am not your girl.

If you are unkind to people or a bad tipper…I am not your girl.

If you don’t think dogs are angels on earth…I am not your girl.

If you smack of hypocrisy in any form…I am allergic…I am not your girl.

If you find it hard to communicate, you will hate me…so, I am not your girl.

If you live in the past …I am not your girl.

If you value other people’s opinions over your own originality…I am not your girl.

If you are still stuck and playing the typical male role in society…I am not your girl.

If you aren’tdeep enough to understand you need to get in my mind before you even get close to my pants…I am not your girl.

If you can’t make me laugh…you won’t make me do much anything else…so, if you lack in sense of humor…I am not your girl.

If you are unable to look at me through the eyes of an expert amyologist and see all the complex layers and what makes me invaluable…I am not your girl.

If you can not express your words with the tongue and the heart of a poet…I am not your girl.

If you lack spice…I am not your girl.

If you refuse to dance…I am not your girl.

If you refuse your heart in exchange for your head…I am not your girl.

If you don’t realize that you are your own David…and, if you don’t spend your days working on that masterpiece…I am not your girl.

If you don’t approach kissing like an art form…I am not your girl.

If you can’t think outside the box…I am not your girl.

If you don’t have an innate spirituality…I am not your girl.

If you don’t love your family…I am not your girl.

If you want the norm…cookie cutter, unoriginal woman…you won’t like my cookies…I am not your girl.

If you do not ooze passion for what you put your hand to in life…I am not your girl.

If you stopped reading this after the 2nd sentence…I AM NOT YOUR GIRL.